Digital Footprint


Photo by SEO

I never really Google myself. I tend to avoid seeing what information is out there about myself and people with my name. At first I Googled “Kristyn Stricker” to see what came up. What first came up was profiles to Facebook, LinkedIn, Merit, and Google+ pages. All of these pages were mine. Most of them were incomplete profile, since I might create a profile once in awhile, and then forget about it. For the images there were several photos from school activities and Google+. Four of them were actually of me, the rest were of other people.

Next my Google search was more specific. I searched for “Kristyn Brooke Stricker.” The first link was to Twitter (it was a tweet were I mentioned my middle name). The next two links were not related to me. The four one was the announcement of the Dean’s and President’s List for Chadron State College. For my images there were only one imagine of me. This was my profile picture for Twitter.

My online information does not say a lot about me. I try to limit my time on social media, which leaves the links from the schools. I think the links from the schools I attend will work in my favor in the future. They are a source that proves I am a good student and care about my studies.

If my future employers Google me all they will find are social media outlets, which I barely use. For me social media is a great what to see how my friends and family are doing. It also gives me a chance to get caught up on the news. This leads me to barely post anything on any of them. For my imagines they are nice pictures, that are mostly personal photo I have posted out on the internet. These are from my sister’s graduation reception. If not personal information then it seems to be connected to the schools I have attended. Personally, my future employers should not find any bad information about me. I hope to continue this trend into the future.


Exploring Digital Citizenship


Photo by John T. Spencer

My favorite website was The Digital Literacy Survival Kit. This is a very useful tool when learning about and teaching future students about digital literacy. The survival kit made comparisons to everyday items in life, such as a toothbrush or a permanent marker.  My personal favorite tool in the survival kit was toothpaste. When squeezing out toothpaste you can not put it back into the tube once it is out. This easily can apply to the internet. You can edit, or even delete whatever was put up on the internet, but most likely there will be someone who saw it.


Another great work was by George Couros. He is an educator who wants to help students follow their passion. No matter what students want to do with their life, the internet will be a huge part of it. What students post on the internet can affect their chances at future jobs, if the employer sees it. He even provided a very useful tool to for teachers to use. This tool gives grades and ideas for teachers to use when teaching students digital citizenship. This is something I can really use in the classroom, even if I am a secondary teacher. This tool is a way to remind me of the bases of the students learning process of digital citizenship. It can also help me decided how I would like to grow their digital citizenship.


Photo by Linda Buckley
One of my biggest fears (and problem) with students be online is cyberbullying. Cyberbullying is a huge problem online. There is a huge percentage of students who experience cyberbullying on social media, either by commenting or chatting. In most cases students do not report this bullying to their legal guardians or other adult.  This also increases the chances of teenagers thinking about committing suicide. Cyberbullying can be worse than the bullying that happens within the school hallways and classrooms. This can be worse, because it follows the student home, and does not allow for the students to have a chance of escaping it.  This can be remotely prevented by talking, giving students a strong role model, and by restoring self-respect. There are even more preventative steps online.

Daily Create: Day 8

This daily create involved Stranger Things (a show on Netflix). I never watched the show, but when I looked into it I discovered the show involved a lot of imaginary creatures. This lead me to create my own. I drew it, and I am not a very good artist. IMG_20170415_201432.jpg

Garbanzo Bean Salad

This weekend I went on a trip to Omaha with my sisters. We went out to eat and it was not very healthy. To make this up I decided to make a salad to get back into the groove of eating healthy. The salad I decided to make is a Garbanzo Bean Salad. This salad was one I grew up with. Whenever we had a big activity (such as branding or preg checking) happening at the ranch, my mother would always make this salad. It is very simple and easy to make. When my mother makes it she chopped up a full head of lettuce, two cucumbers thinly sliced, and then add in one can of  garbanzo beans (with the water drained off). After it was all mixed together she would add in Zest Italian dressing.

I decided to make my salad different than my mother. I do not need this much food, I am only need enough for two people. This pushed me to get a small bag of Premium Romaine Salad mix rather than a head of lettuce. I also got one cucumber, a can of garbanzo beans, olives, and a bottle of Zesty Italian dressing. I sliced up the cucumbers and olives before mixing them in. Rather than using the full can of garbanzo beans, I used a half of can. All together this meal was around eight dollars, and if portioned right it is able to feed three people.


Photo by Kristyn Stricker

In my picture you notice my bean’s can says chickpeas rather than garbanzo beans. This is because they are the same thing, chickpeas is just another name. Garbanzo beans give people a high source of molybdenum and manganese. They also are provide copper and folate, and are a great source of dietary fiber, iron, phosphorus, protein, and zinc.  

One thing I really liked about this salad is how much you are able to change it up. You can add in anything you like such as bell peppers, zucchinis, or even chicken. It can also work with any type of dressing you prefer. I always had this salad with the Zesty Italian. My friend tried on his salad. He said that it tasted very good and that any dressing would work well with it.


Photo by Kristyn Stricker