My Digital Story

Here is everything I say in case you have a hard time understanding me.

When I was little my mother use to tell me stories of her adventures she would take on her horse. In the beginning, my mother would tell me about how she learned to ride on the back of her shetland pony, Chauley while her older sister, Debbie, rode Sage. As I got older my mother’s stories changed. She stopped telling me about Chauley and started telling me more about JD, her Appaloosa. This helped light the fire for my desire to learn how to ride a horse.

I was finally about to get my first horse in 2004. I was around 10 years-old and ready to learn how to ride. Our first horses were Cass and JC, who were both quarter horses. Little did I know, my older sisters got to learn first how to ride. My parents wanted to ensure I was safe and responsible enough to ride by myself. This experience helped teach me that sometimes as a learner we have to be Patient and wait your turn. The experience was reflected in my studies. Rather than rushing through homework I now take it slow and steady, to think critically about my answers.


Since I was not able to ride a horse by myself I had to ride on the back with one of my sisters. They would always have to help me up I was not able to do it on my own. This showed me that assistance is a good thing when learning. This helped me understand why assistance with my education was so important. Getting assistance from teachers, friends, or even family is nothing to be ashamed of. If you need a little help or guidance then ask for it. It is better to understand than to be confused.


Once I was finally able to learn how to ride I had my sisters and mother to assist me in my learning. They taught me the right steps to bridle and saddle a horse. I remember the first time saddled up JC up all by myself. I felt so accomplished when I did it. This was able to prove that hard work is important for education. Hard work on homework has to happen in order to get them completed and turned in on time. Hard work for my education has even been able to help me in paying for my college education.


Not long after I saddled JC up for the first time I was riding everyday. I loved the feeling of having it being me, JC and the open fields around me. Everyday after school I would dump off my backpack, instantly change, and go down by JC and start to ride. This proved my dedication, which is reflected in my studies. Dedication to my learning can be shown by willingness to finish homework and study for tests. It can also be seen in my grades I receive at the end of school.


Learning how to ride a horse can be really reflective of my path as a scholar. My passion for riding was started at such a young age that it was able to help shape me as a learner I am today.


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