Innovated Learning

For me, this semester has been very innovative for me as a learner. It has been a quick minute since I thought of or reflected my learning path or experiences. I think this helped me become more progressive as a learner. You can look into the past and learn a lot. I was able to do this and learned even more about myself as a learner. This helped me “believe that my abilities, intelligence, and talents can be developed, leading to the creation of new and better ideas.”  I have also learned that, “We need to unlearn the notion that our students don’t need to see and understand how we ourselves learn.” For me, I needed to understand this. I had to stop thinking about how I do not need to see how I learn in order to learn.

To me innovated learning looks like taking the past, changing it, and then taking those changes to further your learning. I was always doing this, but I never realized until this class. I think from here I will continue to grow as learner. Taking what I have learned in the past and using it to my advantage. There is a lot of information out there for me to learn about. I have many more classes ahead of me, and I am looking forward to everything I will learn about teaching (and myself as a learner). 6085347780_1a6eba300c_z.jpg

Photo by Boegh

For my future classroom I know I will be using social media and tech tools. Blogs and twitter are a great way to inform students and parents on updates in my classroom, homework assignments, possible extra credit, and interesting posts I find that can be connect back to the lesson. For tech tools TED Talks, digital stories, and podcasts that are connected back to the lesson are great ways for students to think critically about new information and start a discussion.
What surprised me most about this class was how much we had to do with new and different technological tools. I have said many times before, I am horrible with technology. This made me afraid of the times of learning about new technology.  I was surprised how how easy most of the tools were to use. This help shake my fear of technological failure, which was really surprising for me.  




2 thoughts on “Innovated Learning

  1. This class specifically, and O&P have made me much more innovative. I have learned a lot about how everyone approaches things differently, but they all seem to work. I haven’t necessarily reflected at all, at least not for a very long time. And I too, see how much my learning style has changed, and how much more efficient I’ve become. Its a great idea to take what you know and use it. Sometimes you learn that what someone else uses for a method didn’t exactly work for you, and in the future you can hopefully use that information and make it better for your students.


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