My Graphic

If your want the copperation of the humans around you, you must make them feel they are important- and you do that by being genuine and humble.-nelson mandela.jpg

Photo by Kristyn Stricker

I decided on using Canva to create my graphic. I got this website from Tech Review: Online Creation Tools Piktochart and Canva. This website was very simple and easy to use. I struggled for a little bit in the beginning, as I have probably mentioned before I am not the best when it comes to technology. This website ended up taking me about thirty minutes to figure out the website and create the poster. I had the option to create several different things. This variety included posters, presentations, or cards.

I decided on creating a poster. A poster can be motivational/inspirational, preventive, or even informational. I wanted to create a poster I would like to hang up in my future classroom. This meant I needed to find a quote and picture. I wanted to have a quote from an important historical figure, thus leading me to decided on a Nelson Mandela quote. For my picture I wanted something that was bright and incorporates some aspect of nature.

The most challenging thing for me was trying to get my picture uploaded and onto the site. I really struggled on trying to get the photo to expand and line up in the right spot. I wanted to change the font’s color, but I never was able to figure that out. I tried, but all I did was change the background color. That is why some of my words are hard to read.
I think there is a point in creating a graphic or visual aid to represent information. Obviously, it can be useful for visual learners, as well as most students. Other times seeing information in a form of a poster can help make it easy to be remembered. Sometimes it is nice for students to read some motivational words here and there.



2 thoughts on “My Graphic

  1. Kristyn, I really like your poster! I think the background is beautiful and it has a great meaning behind the words. I think Canva would be a great site for students to use if they wanted to create a poster or a presentation. I’ve never used Canva before but I think I would like it a lot. I’ve sure there is a lot I would miss the first time around when trying to use it, but it would be a great learning experience to go back in the second time and try some other editing tools.
    Shania 🙂


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