Attention Log


Photo by Jason Truscott

I mostly keep my log while I was at home. This meant most of the time I documented was while I completed homework. Ultimately, I felt like this effected my how I felt, the position I was in, and how much it distracted me. While I was at home doing my homework I was comfortable, relaxing on my couch. I felt like I was not very distracted, since I wanted to get as much done as I can before finals week.

I tried to get my log filled out while I was one break on at work. This was the opposite of being at home. I felt stressed, kind of on edge. I guess I can never really relax, even when I am on break. When I am on break I typically check some sort of social media outlet. Typically it is SnapChat or Instagram. These normally have a lot of posts from my family on them.

This activity has really helped me realize how consistently being plugged into the digital world makes me feel. Before this I was so focused on homework that I do not realize how I feel when I am working on homework. This means I am not really present in the real world. I think this is something I need to work on fixing. I know it will be different with summer coming up and everything, but I know I can work on it when classes resume in August. 



2 thoughts on “Attention Log

  1. Hi, I agree this summer will bring free time and wiggle room. With on-line classes it’s difficult to gauge weather online activity is wasteful, intrusive, worthy or productive.
    I walked away from last weeks module feeling like I have given up my free time to increase my education it just happens to be on-line. I didn’t have remorse for using social media either? I did make it a point to spend time 1-on-1 with my grandson without technology and for that I am thankful.


    • I am glad that you have face-to-face conversation with your grandson. I felt the same way that I was going up my free time for my education. But I do not regret this decision either. I am bettering myself and it just happens to be online.

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