Final Independent Learning Project


Photo by Paul Saad

This independent learning project has helped me a lot. It has taught me about eating right. For starters it taught me about how easy it is to make healthy food. I am on for quick and easy meals. I do not have the time to make food, but this project helped me realize how fast some healthy food can take to cook. For example, salads can be very quick and easy. Thus making it a go to meal so I do not have to eat out as much.

It has also taught me that healthy food is not extremely expensive. I was never really willing to pay for expensive food. I am a college student, and would not have the money to pay for expensive food. Since working on this project I have come to learn that I can make a meal for less than twenty dollars, and be able to feed two people with multiple meals.

Lastly, my independent learning project has taught me that healthy foods can been quite good. Most people might say they do not like the taste of broccoli, but if cooked and seasoned right it can be delicious. Just because it is healthy does not mean that it does not taste good.

I am looking forward to continuing my projected into the summer. The meals are cheap and way better for your body than fast food. All I can see is the benefits of eating healthy food outweighing the bad.


5 thoughts on “Final Independent Learning Project

  1. Kristyn, great job on keeping to your healthy diet! I also plan to start eating healthy, but my issue is I have a sweet tooth. Instead of eating sweets though I just grab a stick of celery and the crunch helps get rid of the temptations to having a cookie or a piece of candy.
    Shania 🙂


  2. Great job! I hate how society has labeled making your own food as expensive. You can literally make the same meal as a boxed one, with a lot more health benefits and have it feed you for more than one meal. Fast food is just outrageously expensive and there is almost no health benefits to anything, even their salads. You can easily spend $30 feeding you and 2 other people with fast food and be hungry two hours later, or you could go buy $30 worth of groceries and make a gourmet meal for you and two other people. Kudos to you for taking on this experience.


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