My Digital Story

Here is everything I say in case you have a hard time understanding me.

When I was little my mother use to tell me stories of her adventures she would take on her horse. In the beginning, my mother would tell me about how she learned to ride on the back of her shetland pony, Chauley while her older sister, Debbie, rode Sage. As I got older my mother’s stories changed. She stopped telling me about Chauley and started telling me more about JD, her Appaloosa. This helped light the fire for my desire to learn how to ride a horse.

I was finally about to get my first horse in 2004. I was around 10 years-old and ready to learn how to ride. Our first horses were Cass and JC, who were both quarter horses. Little did I know, my older sisters got to learn first how to ride. My parents wanted to ensure I was safe and responsible enough to ride by myself. This experience helped teach me that sometimes as a learner we have to be Patient and wait your turn. The experience was reflected in my studies. Rather than rushing through homework I now take it slow and steady, to think critically about my answers.


Since I was not able to ride a horse by myself I had to ride on the back with one of my sisters. They would always have to help me up I was not able to do it on my own. This showed me that assistance is a good thing when learning. This helped me understand why assistance with my education was so important. Getting assistance from teachers, friends, or even family is nothing to be ashamed of. If you need a little help or guidance then ask for it. It is better to understand than to be confused.


Once I was finally able to learn how to ride I had my sisters and mother to assist me in my learning. They taught me the right steps to bridle and saddle a horse. I remember the first time saddled up JC up all by myself. I felt so accomplished when I did it. This was able to prove that hard work is important for education. Hard work on homework has to happen in order to get them completed and turned in on time. Hard work for my education has even been able to help me in paying for my college education.


Not long after I saddled JC up for the first time I was riding everyday. I loved the feeling of having it being me, JC and the open fields around me. Everyday after school I would dump off my backpack, instantly change, and go down by JC and start to ride. This proved my dedication, which is reflected in my studies. Dedication to my learning can be shown by willingness to finish homework and study for tests. It can also be seen in my grades I receive at the end of school.


Learning how to ride a horse can be really reflective of my path as a scholar. My passion for riding was started at such a young age that it was able to help shape me as a learner I am today.


Innovated Learning

For me, this semester has been very innovative for me as a learner. It has been a quick minute since I thought of or reflected my learning path or experiences. I think this helped me become more progressive as a learner. You can look into the past and learn a lot. I was able to do this and learned even more about myself as a learner. This helped me “believe that my abilities, intelligence, and talents can be developed, leading to the creation of new and better ideas.”  I have also learned that, “We need to unlearn the notion that our students don’t need to see and understand how we ourselves learn.” For me, I needed to understand this. I had to stop thinking about how I do not need to see how I learn in order to learn.

To me innovated learning looks like taking the past, changing it, and then taking those changes to further your learning. I was always doing this, but I never realized until this class. I think from here I will continue to grow as learner. Taking what I have learned in the past and using it to my advantage. There is a lot of information out there for me to learn about. I have many more classes ahead of me, and I am looking forward to everything I will learn about teaching (and myself as a learner). 6085347780_1a6eba300c_z.jpg

Photo by Boegh

For my future classroom I know I will be using social media and tech tools. Blogs and twitter are a great way to inform students and parents on updates in my classroom, homework assignments, possible extra credit, and interesting posts I find that can be connect back to the lesson. For tech tools TED Talks, digital stories, and podcasts that are connected back to the lesson are great ways for students to think critically about new information and start a discussion.
What surprised me most about this class was how much we had to do with new and different technological tools. I have said many times before, I am horrible with technology. This made me afraid of the times of learning about new technology.  I was surprised how how easy most of the tools were to use. This help shake my fear of technological failure, which was really surprising for me.  



Final Independent Learning Project


Photo by Paul Saad

This independent learning project has helped me a lot. It has taught me about eating right. For starters it taught me about how easy it is to make healthy food. I am on for quick and easy meals. I do not have the time to make food, but this project helped me realize how fast some healthy food can take to cook. For example, salads can be very quick and easy. Thus making it a go to meal so I do not have to eat out as much.

It has also taught me that healthy food is not extremely expensive. I was never really willing to pay for expensive food. I am a college student, and would not have the money to pay for expensive food. Since working on this project I have come to learn that I can make a meal for less than twenty dollars, and be able to feed two people with multiple meals.

Lastly, my independent learning project has taught me that healthy foods can been quite good. Most people might say they do not like the taste of broccoli, but if cooked and seasoned right it can be delicious. Just because it is healthy does not mean that it does not taste good.

I am looking forward to continuing my projected into the summer. The meals are cheap and way better for your body than fast food. All I can see is the benefits of eating healthy food outweighing the bad.

Attention Log


Photo by Jason Truscott

I mostly keep my log while I was at home. This meant most of the time I documented was while I completed homework. Ultimately, I felt like this effected my how I felt, the position I was in, and how much it distracted me. While I was at home doing my homework I was comfortable, relaxing on my couch. I felt like I was not very distracted, since I wanted to get as much done as I can before finals week.

I tried to get my log filled out while I was one break on at work. This was the opposite of being at home. I felt stressed, kind of on edge. I guess I can never really relax, even when I am on break. When I am on break I typically check some sort of social media outlet. Typically it is SnapChat or Instagram. These normally have a lot of posts from my family on them.

This activity has really helped me realize how consistently being plugged into the digital world makes me feel. Before this I was so focused on homework that I do not realize how I feel when I am working on homework. This means I am not really present in the real world. I think this is something I need to work on fixing. I know it will be different with summer coming up and everything, but I know I can work on it when classes resume in August. 


My Graphic

If your want the copperation of the humans around you, you must make them feel they are important- and you do that by being genuine and humble.-nelson mandela.jpg

Photo by Kristyn Stricker

I decided on using Canva to create my graphic. I got this website from Tech Review: Online Creation Tools Piktochart and Canva. This website was very simple and easy to use. I struggled for a little bit in the beginning, as I have probably mentioned before I am not the best when it comes to technology. This website ended up taking me about thirty minutes to figure out the website and create the poster. I had the option to create several different things. This variety included posters, presentations, or cards.

I decided on creating a poster. A poster can be motivational/inspirational, preventive, or even informational. I wanted to create a poster I would like to hang up in my future classroom. This meant I needed to find a quote and picture. I wanted to have a quote from an important historical figure, thus leading me to decided on a Nelson Mandela quote. For my picture I wanted something that was bright and incorporates some aspect of nature.

The most challenging thing for me was trying to get my picture uploaded and onto the site. I really struggled on trying to get the photo to expand and line up in the right spot. I wanted to change the font’s color, but I never was able to figure that out. I tried, but all I did was change the background color. That is why some of my words are hard to read.
I think there is a point in creating a graphic or visual aid to represent information. Obviously, it can be useful for visual learners, as well as most students. Other times seeing information in a form of a poster can help make it easy to be remembered. Sometimes it is nice for students to read some motivational words here and there.