Digitally Mindful


Photo by Missy Schmidt

Technology is a involved in almost every aspect of our lives. I do not really remember the last time I went twenty-four hours without being on the computer or on my phone. For me I try to use technology as mindfully Most of the time I am using technology for homework or to be connected with family. Family and homework are very important to me. Technology allows me to stay up to date on assignments while keeping connected to my family. During this time I feel like I am using technology mindfully. I try to limit the amount of time I spend on social media, but it does not always happen. Social media can be a great way of connecting friends and staying up-to-date. We do need to be more attentive in our lives, sometimes living in the digital world just doesn’t cut it. There are examples of this out there, they explain how different life it without technology. Here is a link to a great article by Katrina Schwartz. 

We are truly never present when we are tethered to our devices. It is harder to disconnect from our technology, especially since it used everywhere all the time. We use it at work, school, and even when we are relaxing at home. By now it should be pretty obvious that will be using technology in the future. We will be tethered to it, and it is pretty hard to escape. And we do lose a lot of time to social media. This means that we lose time for face-to-face conversations and other personal interactions. People can also lose things they might not notice, such as better sleep.

Paul Miller went offline for one whole year. Something I could never do. During his speech he said that it was hard to not check up on some social media. He also says how it was hard to stay up with friends and connected with. He also mentioned that once he was back online after his year away he could not believe how much has changed. Social media sites are always changing and updating their site to keep their customers satisfy.

There are ways to help people simplify their life in the digital world. This can very simple, such quitting Facebook. It sounds incredibly hard and it might be for the first few months. You can also limit the time spent on social media by only following one or two sites. They can also post less (no one needs to know what it happening everyday of your life) and limit the amount of people the follow. These ideas can be very helpful when trying to cut back on the use of technology. 


2 thoughts on “Digitally Mindful

  1. I actually had an experience last summer where I would go without technology, Internet, social media, my cell phone and all of that for 10 days at a time. For my job, we would camp in the wilderness for 10 days at a time and had no Internet or cell service. I would describe my technology-free experience in one word – refreshing. I loved not being tethered to technology because it allowed me to appreciate and experience better things in life!


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