Daily Creates

This week I decided not to post everyday. Instead I wanted to post it at the end of the week. I also decided to look into past Daily Create rather than doing the new one for everyday.

Day 10: 1916

As a child I always wanted to see pandas! I loved them and never got to see one in its natural habitat.

14117692767_6137ef3591_z (1).jpg

Photo by Roderick Eime

Day 11: 1927

Spell out how much you love DS 106.


Photo by Kristyn Stricker

Day 12: 1928

Had to create a Vertorama. I did the street next to my house

PANO_20170419_110327 (1).jpg

Photo by Kristyn Stricker

Day 13: 1929

Do Nothing!


Photo by: medithIT

Day 14: 1930

Turning something down.

1438412605_47ecd529c7_z (1).jpg

Photo by Allen Watkin

Day 15: 1931

The island of my dreams: calm, cool, and relaxing.


Photo by Kristyn Stricker

Day 16: 1914

New story for the Huntsmen Spider. It can grow one inch fangs.


Photo by Allan Hopkins

Day 17: 1909

Showing how needy we can be.


Photo by Kristyn Stricker



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