Digital Footprint


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I never really Google myself. I tend to avoid seeing what information is out there about myself and people with my name. At first I Googled “Kristyn Stricker” to see what came up. What first came up was profiles to Facebook, LinkedIn, Merit, and Google+ pages. All of these pages were mine. Most of them were incomplete profile, since I might create a profile once in awhile, and then forget about it. For the images there were several photos from school activities and Google+. Four of them were actually of me, the rest were of other people.

Next my Google search was more specific. I searched for “Kristyn Brooke Stricker.” The first link was to Twitter (it was a tweet were I mentioned my middle name). The next two links were not related to me. The four one was the announcement of the Dean’s and President’s List for Chadron State College. For my images there were only one imagine of me. This was my profile picture for Twitter.

My online information does not say a lot about me. I try to limit my time on social media, which leaves the links from the schools. I think the links from the schools I attend will work in my favor in the future. They are a source that proves I am a good student and care about my studies.

If my future employers Google me all they will find are social media outlets, which I barely use. For me social media is a great what to see how my friends and family are doing. It also gives me a chance to get caught up on the news. This leads me to barely post anything on any of them. For my imagines they are nice pictures, that are mostly personal photo I have posted out on the internet. These are from my sister’s graduation reception. If not personal information then it seems to be connected to the schools I have attended. Personally, my future employers should not find any bad information about me. I hope to continue this trend into the future.


4 thoughts on “Digital Footprint

  1. I also found the announcements from the Dean’s List from the college and Merit Pages. Most of what shows up when I google my name is people who have the name Cheyanne. Most of the stuff I found was totally unrelated to me. I have my accounts but that is really it. I think it is a good thing that your social media is limited, and it is better to have very little information out there rather than too much.


  2. You know I never really thought about it much but someone once said to me that employers look to see if there is anything negative, but they also look to see if there’s anything at all. At first I questioned like, what the heck does that mean? But if you think about it, some employers just check this information to see if you’re “normal” according to social standards like having a facebook or twitter account or being known at all to the digital world. If you think about it, if there was absolutely no information about you on the internet the employer might assume that you are unable to use technology, or that you simply don’t exist! Probably the first of those two but you never know.


    • My information is out there I just don’t​ post as often as others on social media. There has to be something important happening in my life that I want to share with my family and friends. It’s not like there is absolutely zilch out there on me.


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