Podcasts and Digital Stroies in the Classroom


Photo by Denise Womack-Avila

I never really thought about using podcasts in my classroom. Recently, I listened to Serial (season one, episode 1) The Alibi. It was about a high school girl who was murdered in 1999 and they we were viewing the case. It was very interesting to learn about a case that happened and is not national remembered. 

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Photo by John 9:25

I also watched a digital story about getting over the guilt of not working out. It was Run Your World by Madelein de Bruin. Since I have been eating healthier, I have been wanting to start exercising more regularly. This digital story was very personal and easy to connect with. It also has inspired me to follow the list she provides for people to follow.

From what I read and watched I was able to draw a synthesis based on information I learned. I feel that podcasts and digital stories can be very beneficial in the classroom. Digital storytelling or podcasts are a great way to meet the state standards and teach students about digital information such as video making, posting, and proper internet usage. Both of these also encourage creativity. Creativity needs to be incorporated into schools more, and storytelling or podcasts are great ways to help keep the flow of creativity happening in the classroom. For my classroom digital storytelling can be used when making historical slide shows, two sides of every story, and even for family or community history projects. This can be more creative and easier project rather than writing reports. Here is a great example of a teacher using digital stories and podcasts in the classroom. 

Even if there are advantages there are also disadvantages of using digital stories and podcasts. A major disadvantage for me is my lack of technology information. As a teacher it will be my job in assessing them in creating the stories or podcasts. This mean I will have to understand the technology and the process of creating them. Another disadvantage is ensuring that students are paying attention to the podcasts. As a teacher I do not want to assign homework or assessments after each podcast. This means I will have to find a way to keep my students keyed in.

Personally, what surprised me the most was that I was never exposed to digital storytelling or podcasts while in school. When I was a student technology was important, and utilized in several different ways in the classroom. When reading about and experiencing these things I was surprised by beneficial they can be in schools. This is why I was exposed to them as a student in high school rather than a student in college.

My biggest takeaway from this assignment is that there are massive amounts of technology out there for students to use in school. As teachers we do not need to continuously assigning reports, readings, or homework. This proved that there were other ways to give assignments that can be more informational, creative, and fun for student to do.  



2 thoughts on “Podcasts and Digital Stroies in the Classroom

  1. I was thinking along similar lines in that I hadn’t thought of using podcasts or digital stories in my classroom. That was until I found a digital story called “A Day Without Math.” This was a perfect item for a math teacher because students ALWAYS ask why math even matters or why they have to take the class. So I realized that there are ways to incorporate these into my classroom and I think that we could all benefit from them especially in such a technology driven world.


    • It’s amazing how much technology is able to revolutionize the classroom. When we are teachers there is going to be so much that we’re going to be able to do and utilize. Luckly, for us digital stories and podcasts are a part of this.


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