What is Ds106?


Photo by June Yarham

Ds106 is digital storytelling. It is an online course that is suppose to help inspire creativity. Ds106 tries to spark creativity in writing, photography, drawing, audio, and video challenges.  You are able to join the course anytime and leave anytime you desire. The goals of the course are to develop skills for using technology as tool for creative expression for yourself, narrating, networking with others, and sharing creative ideas. It also sets up a digital identity framework. In this framework you are interrogator and practitioner for the new modes of networking. Lastly, it also allows you to thinking critically by examining the digital landscapes of communication technologies. These are genres and narrative forms.  Digital storytelling is a new term that utilizes digital tools to help people tell their own stories.The end result is a collection of creative works.  

Ds106 is an awesome tool to use. Everyone is creative in their own way. This means that every Daily Create is different, and each response is special. It opens doors on the web. It allows people to learn about editing photos, making gifs, or mash-ups. It also making a collective tool to educate anyone on the web.

I could see myself using Ds106 in my classroom. Creativity in the classroom is lacking, and has been for quite sometime. Ds106 would be a great tool when bring creativity back into the classroom. I know classrooms have a tight schedule. Sometimes it does not seem like there is enough time to get everything done that was planned. That is why Ds106 can be used as a Bell Ringer. You might not be able to let kids draw something out with the limited time, but it allows them to think creatively for a few minutes. Then you can go around the room and have them share their ideas with each other. If not incorporating it, then it might be able to give teachers ideas that are creative and benefit their classrooms as assignments, projects, or notes.

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