Who Doesn’t Like Pizza?

I spent a long time looking for interesting healthy recipes. Everything I found did not peak my interest. I wanted something that was healthy, but let me feel like I was able to indulge on something kind of bad. For some reason pizza sounded so good. This pushed me to get off the computer and go to Walmart. Once there I bought all the items needed to make my homemade healthy pizza. I originally planned on putting chicken on my pizza. I thought I had some at home, but I did not. This pushed me to put some pepperoni on it. It might not have been the healthiest choice, but it sounded good at the time. I purchased dough, pizza sauce, mozzarella, spinach, and mushrooms.  All together the pizza was about ten dollars. This is really nice, especially being a college student.


Photo by Kristyn Stricker

Mushrooms are very beneficial to eat, but they must be cooked in order to get the nutritional benefits. This is due to the cell walls not being digestible unless expose to heat. They are good source of antioxidant minerals, copper, niacin, phosphorus, and potassium, and selenium. They also are able to provide vitamin C and iron.

Chadron Walmart recently got in Wewalka dough in, and I have been wanting to try it. This dough has no artificial flavors or colors, no high fructose corn syrup, hydrogenated oils, and no bleached flour. The dough was made with olive oil rather than oils that contain trans-fats. It is also made for vegetarians.

Anything can really go on pizza, but I decided to put the spinach, mushrooms, pepperoni, and of course cheese on my pizza. I considered putting red bell pepper, banana peppers, olives and even jalapenos. All of these vegetables need to be fresh not canned of course.

IMG_20170406_170706 (1).jpg

Photo by Kristyn Stricker

This was a very cheap, healthy, and easy meal to make. It also left a lot of leftovers. This was able to last me for a couple more meals. This means that the ten dollars I spent covers almost three meals. This meant I was able to take it to work so I would not eat the food available to me.

Photo by Kristyn Stricker


4 thoughts on “Who Doesn’t Like Pizza?

  1. Krystin, this was a great idea in exploring all different types of options when it comes to making pizza. Plus the added bonus of it being affordable when you are a college student! I liked how you incorporated throughout your blog pictures of the steps you took and then the final outcome! Great Job!


  2. This was a wonderful idea to try to incorporate in your learning project! I think so many times people steer clear of eating healthy because they think it will limit them to eating tasteless food. By you showing that making pizza is healthy if you do it correctly, it may inspire someone to change their lifestyle!


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