PLN stands for personal or professional learning networks. The main purpose is the PLN is that it is of personalized learning. It is a tool that is connecting colleagues, anywhere at any time, by utilizing social media and technology to communicate, collaborate, and collect ideas.  By connect with other profession in your field you will be able to share documents and information.

There are two basic steps for setting up a PNL. The first step in creating a PLN is to determine the needs or goals. Goals set-up what you plan on accomplishing with your search. The second step is to acquire the resources needed to complete the goals. Research is the main way to accomplish the goal is by gathering information.


Photo by: Sue Waters

Some of the challenges do arise when trying to set up a PLN. Some of these challenges could be simple such as finding a reliable source. Another challenge is finding credible information. Anyone can create a blog or as twitter account. Ensure the people who are giving the information is reliable.

There are also barriers from mass adoption. The a barrier seems to be understanding PLN is a mindset. It is not a workshop outcome. Another barrier is untaught technical trouble. Technology is always breaking, or having some sort of problem. The biggest barrier is having a digital literacy that extends beyond googling the information.

There are some benefits of having PLN. It is no surprise that sharing ideas and creating platforms   that help students understand information. PLN also helps strengthen professional connections, that might not of existed before. It also allows teachers to express what they have done in the classroom for projects, notes, and other situations.
PLN can be maintained by interacting on social media or blogs for twenty minutes a day. This can be accomplished by following educators on Twitter, Facebook, blogs, or LinkedIn,  building a circle on Google+, looking into education chats, and by accepting invitations to collaborate with others.




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