Feeding the PLN

There are several ways to cultivate my PLN. There is a lot to learn and I think I will need practice in order to get better with my PLN. Luckily, there are some easy steps for me to practice with. There are rather simple. I am able to change my network. The next is interaction on social media.


Photo by: Animated Heaven

My network can change at any point in time. It can grow, shrink, or stay the same. I can simply edit my network if I am losing interest with my candidates. I can always find new candidates to replace my old ones, or I can just add them into my network.


My network will need to engage with others. I am not a big socialite, but lucky for me, I will be able to interact with my colleagues on social media. Interaction can com in very different ways, even on social media. This interaction can be from me sharing interesting ideas, having a professional editicate on social media, or asking questions. If other professionals ask me a question it is my responsibility to respond. I need to contribute to the group.


There are challenges that can arise from working on a PLN. Personally, my biggest challenge will be finding good sources that are able to intermix history and education.  Most times there are education or history blogs. Reliable sources can be another challenge. Normally, people can post whatever they want on social media. Sometimes your sources are not always trustworthy.
As a teacher it will be my job to set examples. PLN gives me a chance to set several examples. First example will be how group projects and work are important and cn benefit all sides. Next is how to utilize social media to your advantage. Lastly, I am able to give examples on proper social media interaction. I can demonstrate the professional manner needed on social media. This way the students will have someone to learn from, may it be from my good or bad posts.


4 thoughts on “Feeding the PLN

  1. Not only is your personal learning network for your own benefit but it can be for your followers’ benefit, too! Your followers are hoping to learn things from you, just like you are hoping to learn things from them. What are some ways that you will try to contribute your ideas that your followers can relate to? Do you think you may need to worry about offending your followers in any way?


    • I plan on sharing facts, website, and other links that i find interesting. I hope I do not offend my followers. I plan on posting items that are neutral, fact based, and are ideas that are best for students and teachers.


  2. Hi, I appreciate what you said at the end of your post on PLN’s. You stated that you will share your posts with your students! I hadn’t thought about the benefits of sharing WordPress. I have thought about future employers viewing it. I have also been relived when I remember that I can easily find information that is helpful to me, but not my learners! Thank you for sharing you ideas.


    • We all know what it is like to be students, and sometimes we would not understand way our teachers would do something. By sharing posts it will keep them in the loop and help them understand what is going on within the classroom.

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