Eating Healthy

For my healthy eating adventure I decided to try chicken parmigiana with penne. I decided on this for two main reasons. The first being that I actually like spinach. I am a very picky eater and spinach is one of the vegetables that I actually really like. When purchasing the items it was not very expensive. It was less than fifteen dollars. The main ingredients are chicken, tomato sauce, spinach, whole-wheat penne, and Parmesan. To add in some more flavors I also added in some red bell peppers. This added in some more flavors that blended in quite well.


Photo by: Kristyn Stricker

This was actually very good, at a low cost, and was very healthy for you. With the proper servings it was only around 450 calories. Spinach also contains an acid called lipoic. This helps the production of energy and regulate blood sugar levels. Eating healthy makes you feel good. On the days I have started to eat healthy, I start to feel better. I have energy to be active. Eating healthy helps me to feel centered and calm, especially since life can feel a bit stressful.


Photo by: Kristyn Stricker  

I find this to be going quite well. I may not be cooking healthy everyday, but I am trying to be. I work at fast food, so typically on my breaks I eat something off of the menu. To make my everyday diet healthier I have been bring healthy meals from home. This usually consists of something small, but healthier than all the other food options I have available.
It is really hard, but part of my hope is to get more fruits and vegetables in my diet. This is a struggle to get enough servings in a day. As college students rarely do we get enough fruits and vegetables. This is why I would like to make an attempt at getting all servings in.   


2 thoughts on “Eating Healthy

  1. That looks absolutely delicious! That is such a good learning project to get in the habit of doing, especially working at a fast food place. That is amazing how it only cost you under fifteen dollars! Rooting you on for the rest of your healthy eating habits. Thank you for the encouragements!


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