Breaking Down Perferction

Body image is important to most people. For a long time there are always been certain characteristics that we see as attractive. For women it is slim, tall, long hair, hourglass figure (feminine), and white. Cameron Russell, a model, appeared on TED to talk about looks. She mentioned how people are granted favors based on appearances and how everyone is insecure about their look.


Russell tells stories from when she was young. She talked about how her friend ran a red light and was pulled over, but all it took was a “I’m sorry officer.” Then they were off the hook. This happened because they had their appearances working in their favor. Most people out there have hear a story like this (fiction or nonfiction), about how an officer let someone go because they were attractive.


She continues on to mention how only four percent of the models in the industry are of other racial color. Race always seems like an issue. It is typically one of the things you notice about a person’s appearance. Color should not be an issue. People are beautiful whether they are white, black, or brown.


Russell also mentions how insecure models can feel. Insecurity is in us all. Everyone is insecure about something. For most people they are insecure about their body. If we stop people from focusing on their body, many be them people can be more secure about themselves. Allowing people to feel secure, which results in people feeling happy and safe.


Men can go through a similar problem as females. Though it was not mentioned in the TED Talk, it is still important. Men as suppose to be physically fit, muscular, tall, bright eyes, and cute smile. This means that boys will do anything to be seen as in shape and fit. They must be able to lift a certain amount in weights. These should not be forced on to their lives either. They boat might not be as bad as women, but it is still present.

This is why I think we should let go of these perfect body ideals and focus more on the personality of people.  Who people are on the inside is what really matters. When will more people agree with this? I feel like it is time for us to stop judging people for what is on the outside, and look deeper at what is within.


4 thoughts on “Breaking Down Perferction

  1. I also watched this TED Talk and wrote a blog about it because I am extremely passionate about this subject. I truly believe that women should not be held to one type of body standard and be shamed if they do not meet that standard. With my possible future of being a health educator, I would love to incorporate this TED Talk into my classroom. I could also talk to boys who may feel insecure about their bodies. It goes both ways. How would you incorporate this TED Talk into your classroom?


  2. This is something I think we all struggled with starting in elementary school and maybe even continuing for some today. Body image and what society says we should look like are two totally different things, and I can’t imagine how someone could avoid feel self conscious in the society we are living in today. This is a great post and I hope it inspires others as much as it inspired me!


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