Life of Learning

Learning is always around us, and has been ever since we were first born. Most time people learn and do not even notice. For me my first major learning experience was when I started to show cattle. Getting cattle ready for the show was much harder than I expected. There was so many different steps involved, and with each step there seemed to be a new challenge that arose. Each challenge I overcame, I proved that I can accomplish whatever I set my mind to. Sometimes people make the decision to stop learning, because they are not will to apply the determination needed to accomplish it. As a teacher I hope to inspire my students, so the determination is never lost.


Photo by: Jelle

My second learning experience occurred in high school. I was taking college level history classes. There was lots of homework (mostly readings or essays). My teacher was very patient with me and was very understanding. She helped me manage my time so I did not feel so stressed out. Overtime, I was able to gain great time management skills. This has been a very useful skill when first starting to attend college.  


Photo by: Bill Stilwell

My third learning experienced happened in my first year of college. It was half way through the second semester, and mid-term break was just about over. I was diagnosed with an illness that took me out of college for one month. During this time I was not willing to give up on my homework. With the help from my professors, I was able to stay up on my classes. This taught me that having people on my side, will to help, anything can be accomplished.

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Photo by: Kristyn Stricker

Awards are a great way to give out recognition. My fourth learning experience was also in my first year of college. I was awarded the Rising Sophomore Award for Social Sciences. This made me feel accomplished of my work. Accomplishment leads to the desire. Desire to be accomplished against pushes me to be a willing learner.


Photo by: Kristyn Stricker
Most of my learn experiences happened my first year of college. So it is not a very big surprise that my fifth learning experience was also in college. By taking my college classes I have gained a more in depth learning of knowledge. With this in mind, it drives me to learn more information whenever I can. There is so much information is out there to be learned. I am very excited to share my knowledge with my future students.


Photo by: Anne Davis


6 thoughts on “Life of Learning

  1. It seems to me that college proves to be quite the learning experience for most people. It’s often your very first time being totally independent and experiencing life without your parents observing your every move. I know college was a HUGE learning experience for me, and still is! And I’m a senior this year! As educators, we need to realize that learning never ends for us. We are constantly trying to stay up-to-date on the latest educational trends and educating children for things that haven’t even happened yet. It is our job as educators to always be ready and willing to learn.


    • College really has impacted my life! Hard to imagine were I would be without it… Learning about educational trends are very important. There are always new and creative strategies or technologies out there for us to learn about.


  2. Kristyn, I agree that learning is all around us and it seems at times impossible to learn every single thing. But the good thing about it is we don’t really have to learn everything, which I think some teachers forget in our classrooms. We always want to teach our standards and that’s it. We don’t pay attention to our students interests or passions. Which isn’t great! I feel whatever we set our minds to we can accomplish. Sometimes it’s quickly and other times it takes time to get there. We have to have patience and we do need to inspire our students.

    Shania 🙂


    • We do focus a lot on the standard rather than the interests. It would be nice if we could let the students interests control the class a little bit more, allow them to control the discussion.


  3. Wow, I am so impressed that even with having to take a month off of college, you were still able to keep up on your studies! That is quite impressive and you should be sincerely proud of that accomplishment, as I know most wouldn’t be able to do that! Also, the award you received is proof that you are dedicated to your studies!


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